Shade Court: Kylie Jenner vs. Blac Chyna Is Still Exhausting

Judge Brown here, and boy am I ready to hammer out some judgment and seek justice in the name of glorious shade. In this week’s Shade Court, we have two people continuing to waste their time on a grown man who spells his name like a cartoon character, Erin Andrews calling out her boyfriend and Calvin Harris starting a… » 4/24/15 12:30pm Friday 12:30pm

Yet Another Dr. Oz Shitstorm Is Brewing 

On April 16, a group of 10 medical professionals penned a letter asking Columbia University to reconsider its relationship with Dr. Mehmet Oz, who currently holds a faculty position with the medical school. That move has now opened a can of worms that will likely result in everyone involved looking even more stupid… » 4/21/15 6:30pm 4/21/15 6:30pm

Very Dumb Teens Are Wounding Their Lips to Look Like Kylie Jenner 

Teens across the internet are bruising their faces in order to recreate Kylie Jenner’s obviously enhanced lips. The ill-advised #KylieJennerChallenge caught on with a small group of bored, improperly supervised youth who documented their disasters by posting traumatizing pictures on social media. » 4/20/15 7:00pm 4/20/15 7:00pm

Heartless Monsters Cut Down Mike Brown Memorial Tree in Ferguson 

Just one day after a memorial tree was planted in Michael Brown’s honor, some callous asshole cut the tree in half and stole the memorial stone that accompanied it. The 18 year-old was already unjustly killed and his family denied the right to seek justice so why not pour salt into that wound just because? » 4/20/15 3:30pm 4/20/15 3:30pm